Talia was a monk at the Monastery of the Yellow Rose.[1]


Talia was an older monk in the Monastery of the Yellow Rose. She was Keeper of the Crypt. Secretly, she was also a member of the Cult of Howling Hatred.[1]


Talia had been soured by her long years as caretaker of the crypts. She was an easy convert to the cult as she had lost belief in suffering so that others might not.

She hoped to find freedom in the elemental node. Abandoned by her fellow cultists, Talia was consumed by thoughts of vengeance.[1]


Talia was easily converted by the cultists who had infiltrated the monastery in 1491 DR.[2] She helped kidnap a number of monks in order to use them in a new plot to access the elemental node beneath the monastery. However, one of the chosen victims did not docilely accept his fate and stunned her. Talia's fellow cultists abandoned her and she was later found by other monks, who took her to the infirmary. Here, Talia was confronted by an adventuring party hired by Grandmaster Perrywinkle Shin to find the missing monks.[1]




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