Okay, I can't get the citation to take, despite the fact that the format for the citation is taken from a working page's citation of the same source. If anyone can fix this, have at it. Noxlupus 03:32, February 29, 2012 (UTC)

The citation stuck, but didn't display because {{Refs}} wasn't called. However, I've changed the page to a disambiguation page, since your edits made it clear that Nar can refer to more than one thing. Here is the information you provided, in case you would like to separate it into their separate articles:
This word may refer to multiple related items, including a fallen human empire of conjurers or more generally a human ethnicity.

The region of [[Faerûn]] that sits between the lands of [[Damara]] and [[Rashemen]], and on the northern border of [[The Great Dale]].

Nar, ethnicity-
This uncommon human ethnicity is known to exist in the following regions:
[[The Great Dale]], [[Narfell]], [[Rashemen]],and [[The Ride]]<ref name="PGtF-p11-15">{{Cite book/Player's Guide to Faerûn|11-15}}</ref>

== References ==
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