Talryn Heltharn was a prince of Impiltur.[3]


Prince Talryn was the first son of King Imphras II[3] and Lasheela of Dilpur. He had a younger brother, Lashilmbrar , and four half-brothers—Kuskar, Velimbrar, Elphras, and Fylraun—from his father's second wife, Rebaera Osterhown.[1]


Talryn was born in 1188 DR.[3]

In 1204 DR, Talryn's father the king began showing signs that he was losing his mind. After four years, Talryn decided that his father needed to be removed from power. Since Talryn was the crown prince, this would have made him king, but his jealous brother Lashilmbrar, with the help of some nobles, found a way to have Talryn exiled for treason.[4]

Talryn took refuge among the pirates of the Inner Sea,[4] but by Impilturan law, he remained the crown prince, and so Lashilmbrar was unable to take the throne.[1] So Lashilmbrar attempted to kill Talryn by gathering a fleet and attacking the pirates of Urdogen, but by the chance of bad winds, Talryn's vessel was absent.

Lashilmbrar tried to have his brother killed a second time in 1212 DR, and this time, he was successful.[3] Lashilmbrar spread a rumor that the king had died, (though, in fact, he lived for thirteen more years.)[1][4] Talryn's pirates had captured a supposed Impilturan merchant who shared the "news". On hearing it, Talryn attempted to return to his home, declaring himself king, but he was met at the docks of Lyrabar and executed on the spot for treason by his father's royal guards. Lashilmbrar had his older brother's name erased from the royal records and became the new crown prince.[1]



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