Tammas Forkbeard was a dwarf and the daughter of King Daurvos Frostbeard of the Ironstar clan.[1]


Tammas's father was Daurvos Frostbeard, king of the Ironstar clan.[1]


During the final days of the Ironstar clan, they had been driven out of their homes at Ironstar Mountain by orcs. With few survivors, they fled south along the west bank of the River Dessarin, pursued by the orcs and also trolls. While Daurvos led the fighting at the rear of the clan's group, along with his great grandchildren, Tammas led the wives and children south.[1]

Daurvos was felled while on the Stone Bridge, and the orcs trampled over him, leaving him to die. He shouted out to Moradin in an effort to aid his people, and then fell from the bridge into the water below, and died. His body was pulled from the water by a 20-foot-high (6 meters) avatar of Moradin, who cradled it and wept. The avatar was outlined in red flames and wielded a hammer that glowed red.[1]

Tammas turned to fight the orcs, who were being decimated by Moradin's avatar, and they were soon wiped out. The avatar motioned for the remaining clan members to continue south, protecting their passage against orc attack until sunset. When the avatar departed, it left behind Daurvos's crown and hammer. The crown was then used by the first kings of the Fallen Kingdom.[2]



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