Lady Tanamere Alagondar was a royal scion of the Alagondar family in Neverwinter around the 14th century DR.[1]


Not much is known about Lady Tanamere Alagondar. It is said that she and two parties of adventurers fought and killed a green dragon named Azdraka that terrorized the High Road sometime during the era Neverwinter was ruled by the Alagondar family. [1]

After being mortally wounded in the battle, her dying wish was that she and her fallen compatriots were buried with the corpse of Azdraka beneath a barrow near where the dragon fell.[1]

According to legend, the Dragon Slayer longsword she wielded to slay Azdraka was buried there with her to this day.[1]



Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit
  • "Dragon of Icespire Peak"


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