Tanathras was a Netherese flying enclave. It was destroyed in −647 DR when the city's mythallar was disintegrated by double agents working against Tanathras's ruler.[1]


Prior to its destruction, Tanathras was located above the city of Dagger's Point, a well-known haven for lawless individuals in Netheril.[1]


In −647 DR, the ruler of Tanathras, an archwizard named Falious, decided to relocate his flying enclave above Dagger's Point. Intending to use the relocated enclave as a summer retreat, Falious wanted to purge the city below of evil elements. He was approached by several former students of Trothas Helegaras, the ruler of Dagger's Point, who volunteered to aid Falious in taking control of the criminal city. However, these students turned out to be double agents in Helegaras's employ. They betrayed Falious, cast a powerful disintegrate spell on Tanathras's mythallar, and escaped using contingency. Tanathras plummeted into the side of the Dagger Mountains and was destroyed.[1]

Notable inhabitantsEdit

  • Falious, ruler of Tanathras around the time of its destruction.[1]




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