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Tar devils were low-ranked soldiers of the Nine Hells.[1]


Tar devils resembled humanoids with violet skin that constantly oozed a tar-like substance. They had two short horns on the head, white, pupilless eyes, beast-like feet, and a lizard-like tail.[1]


Tar devils were resistant to fire, but were vulnerable to acid.[1]


Tar devils typically wore minimal armor, and used their hot, reeking tar to attack along with different kinds of weaponry.[1]

Tar devil harriers were trained to use a kukri, and to fling balls of tar to slow opponents or a reeking burst of tar that coated and area, making movement more difficult. Those trained as guards relied more on their khopeshes and tar-covered nets. Tar devil brawlers made the most use of their natural tar coating, splattering it around themselves as they attacked with their fists, causing opponents to be unable to move as they get stuck.[1]


In the late years of the 15th century DR, the Ashmadai cells of Neverwinter were known to employ the services of tar devils.[2]



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