Tara yr Meriel el Viilam, who became known as Tara of the Burning Mists, was the creator of the Bottlemist Plague, which killed thousands of people in Almraiven in the Year of the Tankard (1370 DR). Several other acts of terrorism were afterward attributed to her as well.[1]


Tara was the second daughter of the "Veiled Caleph" of Almraiven,[1] Lady Meriel yr Zahyra el Viilam, who ruled the Guild Arcane of Almraiven and its School of the Arcane Hands.[2]


Tara created the plague in the first month of 1370 in an attempt to assassinate the syl-pasha and his court when he visited her city the following month. Then, she hoped, Calimshan would be ruled by a magocracy again.[1]

Unfortunately, the plague was unleashed earlier than expected, and the city was crippled. An investigation by a cleric of Ilmater discovered that Tara was the one responsible, and he was found murdered soon after he revealed this information.[1]

Tara then fled the School of the Arcane Hands and became a fugitive, triggering a country-wide search. By the end of the year, she had still not been found.[1]


Tara of the Burning Mists was thought to be responsible for the arson that destroyed St. Faelar's Cloisters in the same year of the plague.[1]

Tara was also blamed for the creation of the Copper Cliffs in Volothamp. A strange wizard was seen flying over the city late in the year and cast a spell that turned all of the copper in the entire city to liquid. The copper poured from the upper parts of the city before solidifying again, forming the cliffs. The motive for this spell was not known.[1]


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