Tarathiel was a moon elf from Moonvines[1] in the Moonwood.[3]

Physical descriptionEdit

Tarathiel was not tall, and had an angular face with rich blue eyes and very pale skin.[3] Like many moon elves, he had black hair.[4]


In ranged combat, Tarathiel used the type of bow[5] known as a longbow.[2] In close combat, he used a slender sword,[1] as well as a dirk.[6]


In 1357 DR, Tarathiel guided Drizzt from the Moonwood to Mooshie's Grove after the drow met the grown-up Ellifain. He then left Drizzt in front of cave from which the drow originally emerged from the Underdark.[7]

A few years prior to 1370 DR, Tarathiel rescued a pair of pegasi, Sunrise and Sunset, as foals from the Spine of the World after they were attacked by giants and the rest of their group, including their mother, were killed.[5]

Years later, Tarathiel and his lover Innovindil left the Moonwood to search for Ellifain, an elf of their clan who wanted to kill Drizzt Do'Urden. They followed Ellifain to the city of Silverymoon, where her trail went cold.[citation needed]

In 1371 DR, when the orc king Obould Many-Arrows and his massive army of orcs and giants invaded the Silver Marches, Tarathiel fought bravely beside his lover Innovindil and Drizzt Do'Urden before being sliced in half by Obould Many-Arrows.[citation needed]


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