Targos was the second-largest city of the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale.[5]


The city sits on the southernmost shore of the Maer Dualdon along a series of high cliff walls that shelter its port from the savage winter winds.[1] The harbor's deep water allow the construction of vessels which were large for the area, and the sheltering cliffs permit construction to continue through much of the year. As a result the town is amongst the top towns of the region for dominance of the knucklehead trout industry.[5] The city itself, and much of the harbor, is surrounded by a city wall.[6]


Ca. 1351 DR, the councilman of Targos was Kemp, who protected the town from a barbarian invasion in 1351 DR and the magical light beam sent by Akar Kessell in 1356 DR.[4] Kemp was distrustful of outsiders and guarded his town's interests greedily.[7]


Like most of the Ten Towns, Targos specializes in trading knucklehead trout. Its hundred-boat fleet takes in a larger catch than the other three towns on Maer Dualdon combined.[6]

Notable LocationsEdit


Map of Targos.

The city's "Ash Quarter" is a neighborhood that was blackened and destroyed by one of Akar Kessell's attacks using Crenshinibon.[6]

Inns and tavernsEdit


  • Gallaway Trade Depot, general store located in the main town at the top of the cliffs.[3]
  • Market Square, located in the center of town.[6]


  • Kemp's House, home to Spokesman Kemp, located in the northern part of the town.[6]



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