Tarik al Farid al Fuqani was a Tethyrian human from Myratma who was an apprentice of Blackstaff Tower.[1]


Tarik had dusky skin and straight jet-black hair in a short pony tail. He had cobalt blue eyes.[1]

Being from the warmer climates of the south, he tended to dress in thicker clothing to stay warm.[1]


Tarik's twin brother was Chaid al Farid al Fuqani. His teacher was Tsarra Chaadren.[1]


Tarik was very excitable and talkative but also defiant and haughty at times and proud of his southern heritage.[1]


Tarik resided as an apprentice at the Blackstaff Tower in Waterdeep from a young age, having been sent there from Myratma by his father. In the Year of Lightning Storms, 1374 DR, Tarik and his brother were ten years old.[1]

On 28 Uktar of that year, Tarik was with seven other apprentices, including his teacher and brother, when his brother successfully bonded with a familiar after an overnight hunting trip in the Pellamcopse Woods. This made him jealous.[1]

On the return trip to Waterdeep, Tarik used Tenser's floating disk spell to carry back their game. (His version of the spell created a scarlet-colored disk.) The group passed a thief named Raegar Stoneblade, who had been secretly stalking them, but they were unaware of his significance at the time. Tsarra sent Tarik to the kitchens to help with the butchering.[2]

Later that same day, when a nishruu attacked Blackstaff Tower, Tarik and his brother used the same floating disk magic to dump salt on the invader to defeat it. They had become familiar with nishruu from hearing bedtime stories from their teacher, Tsarra.[3]




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