Tarl Desanea was a blind, retired adventurer who lived in the city of Phlan with his wife Shal Desanea.[1]


Tarl was a cleric of Tyr from Vaasa who began his training in his order when he and his fellow brethren were tasked with transporting the Hammer of Tyr. During a battle with undead, Tarl instinctively called the Hammer of Tyr to his hand while battling vampires. Although he was forced to give the hammer over to the Master Vampire to save his friends, Tarl would later adventure with Ren o' the Blade and Shal Bal to retrieve the holy relic, which was being subverted by the Master Vampire's evil. Soon afterwards, he married Shal.

Ten years later, Tarl was among the defenders of Phlan when Bane transported the city to an underground cavern in order to subvert it. With Shal, Ren, and those accompanying Ren at the time, Tarl destroyed the Pool of Darkness empowering Phlan's captors by throwing the Hammer of Tyr into the pool. However, due to Bane's machinations, Tarl was unable to reclaim the artifact. It was during this that Tarl's son was born.

Tarl was blinded when he took an almost fatal blow during the defense of the Death Gates in Phlan. However, he gained the ability to see magical emanations and creatures of shadow, and used this ability to defend his temple. While his son was questing for the Hammer of Tyr, Tarl managed to subdue his self-pity in order to defend Phlan once again.


He was a handsome, middle-aged with silver-white hair. His gentle blue eyes stared blindly from their sockets.



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