The Tarmalune Trade House,[1] also known as the Tarmalune Auction House,[2] was a trade cartel from Tarmalune that operated out of Neverwinter.[1]


The Trade House had a large warehouse located in the Docks District to store their wares.[1] They also had an open-air auction post located in the Protector's Enclave.[2]

The Tarralune merchants used a unique type of currency, Tarmalune Trade Bars, which were made of silver and were imprinted with Tarralune trade markings. The bars could be exchanged for equipment, mounts, adventuring contracts, and other valuable items.[2]

Tarmalune Trade Bar Merchant 2

A merchant from Tarmalune


Around 1479 DR, once Neverwinter's Docks were repaired, members of a trade cartel from the Laerakondan city of Tarmalune of the Windrise Ports arrived in Neverwinter and arranged trade deals with Dagult Neverember, in the hopes of creating permanent trade ties between their homeland and Faerûn, and to outmaneuver their rivals from another Laerakondan city, Lylorn, who had landed in Luskan with similar goals.[1]

Unrelated to the intrigues of Neverwinter, the Tarralune merchants provided a peaceful place to make trade deals and soon became vital for trade in Neverwinter, especially among adventurers.[2] They also sought out trade deals with nobles and merchants from Waterdeep.[1]




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