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Tarsellis Meunniduin was a minor elven god of mountains, rivers, and wilderness.

Divine Realm[]

Though Tarsellis Meunniduin sometimes came to his fellow Seldarine in Arborea, he usually wandered the plane of Ysgard.[note 1] He maintained a divine realm on the first layer there called the Wild Ride or the Wild Hunt.[4][note 2] Tarsellis Meunniduin also spent much time in the woods and mountains on the Prime Material plane,[3] and according to rumor, regularly visited Vanaheim and Elfheim.[4]


He was largely estranged from the other elven deities, especially Solonor Thelandira, due to a fight between the two long ago.

Tarsellis held a special hatred for Lolth and the drow. As Tarsellis was primarily the patron of the snow elves (who were native to Oerth), he was rarely concerned with affairs in Faerûn. There were rumors of snow elven worshipers in the Spine of the World and the High Ice of Anauroch, however.[3][4]



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