Tarth Brallowgath was a human trader and also an agent for the Zhentarim in northwest Faerûn, circa the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR.[1]


Tarth did a legitimate business as a buyer and seller of goods around the wilder areas dubbed the Savage Frontier, but he also transmitted messages and smuggled contraband for the Black Network. One of his regular stops was at the Moon Mountain Brewery where he dealt with the halflings that ran the establishment, not only selling supplies and buying kegs, but also passing coded messages and small items of value to be hidden in the barrels, casks, and topkegs that frequently got shipped to Secomber, Llorkh, Loudwater, Daggerford, and even Waterdeep.[1]

Very infrequently, Tarth ordered the halflings to add a poison, either bittermint or tulade (both made at the brewery), to a particular keg destined for some enemy of the Zhentarim.[1]


At the brewery, only Yarimmur Borulglar, Nurvala Minstrelwish, and Kelter Minstrelwish knew that Tarth was more than he seemed to be. Some of the other halflings suspected there were possibly shady activities going on, but decided it was better not to ask questions. The halfling leadership were happy to do a little harmless smuggling, but were extremely reluctant to poison any of their products for fear that a shipment might go astray. or some other mishap occur, and evidence would be traced back to the brewery. They reluctantly followed Tarth's orders because they relied on the protection of the Zhentarim and the extra coin they earned from the smuggling business.[1]



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