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The Tashalans were a native human race of the Chultan Peninsula and the primary inhabitants of "the Tashalar".[1]


The Tashalans were generally considered a beautiful people by other human cultures.[2] They had black hair and olive-colored skin.[1] Tashalans were also known as swift runners.[3]


Tashalan people spoke the Tashalan language, which made use of the Dethek script.[1]


Tashalans especially revered Savras and Talona among the other gods of the Faerûnian pantheon, but they were not limited in worship to those two gods. Some also maintained their historical worship of the yuan-ti deities.[1]


This people group originated on the Chultan Peninsula many thousands of years before the start of the Dale Reckoning. They were eventually enslaved by the sarrukh, the reptilian Creator race.[1]

When the sarrukh empire fell, many Tashalans continued to serve the yuan-ti. Others settled in lands all along the peninsula. Over time, those in the western part of the peninsula were driven out by the Chultan tribes. Those in the south and east were merged into the Halruaan and Dambrathan cultures.[1]

The lands of the Tashalar were further settled by Lapalians and Calishites in −553 DR,[4] introducing new people groups to the region. After the Empire Plague in −375 DR, the population of the region was greatly reduced, and the humans remaining were easily enslaved once again by the Serpentes Empire of the yuan-ti by −189 DR. The yuan-ti god Sseth strangely disappeared in 10 DR, which led to downfall of the yuan-ti. The human slaves were able to rebel and gain their freedom by 34 DR. The former slaves, the original natives of the land—now merged with Calishites, Chultans, Lapalians, and Shaarans—became the modern Tashalan people.[5]

By 1372 DR, most Tashalans remained in the middle of the Chultan Peninsula and on the island of Tharsult.[1]

Notable Tashalans[]