Tasheni was a vampire crime lord in Westgate around 1374 DR.

History[edit | edit source]

In life, Tasheni was the lover of the paladin Mantides and decided to investigate the Night Masks. However, she was captured by the Night Masks leader Orbakh, who turned her into one of his vampire spawn. Somehow, Tasheni regained her free will and started to plan a coup against Orbakh. Thanks to the help of the sorceress Zymena, she created the Ebon Claws crime organization, mostly composed by wererats and publicly led by Altama.

The Ebon Claws started a war with the Night Masks and Tasheni waited for the right time to act.

Around 1374 DR, Altama helped an adventurer in their fight with the Night Masks. At last, thanks to the adventurer and to Tasheni's alliance with the Fire Knives, Orbakh seemed defeated. The adventurer managed to unveil Tasheni and defeated her also.[1]

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