Tasina Alcrest was a priestess of Umberlee on the Sword Coast.


Around 1370 DR, at the docks of Neverwinter, she boarded the Midnight Rose as a passenger in order to stay close to a wizard who possessed a powerful statue artifact desired by Umberlee. In order to acquire the statue, Tasina summoned an army of sahuagin that slaughtered most of the crew and took the ship.

She then ventured into the mysterious sea-region of Fiddler's Green. There, Tasina planned to go to a submerged temple to her goddess and summon her in all her power. However, an adventurer, also a passenger of the Midnight Rose, went in search of Tasina, having promised vengeance to the ghost of Allendry, the ship's captain. At last, the adventurer defeated Tasina.[1]




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