Tasirin was an archmage[1] and noted spell inventor.[3][4]


Tasirin was known for inventing the enchantment spell Tasirin's haunted sleep.[4] He was also credited with writing the book Treatise of Sublimated Oneiromancy, which contained descriptions of the spells sleep, dream, feign death, and his own Tasirin's haunted sleep.[5]


Tasirin studied magic under Mentor Wintercloak, one of the Seven Wizards of Myth Drannor.[3][4][note 1]

By the 1300s DR, Tasirin had moved to Silverymoon. He befriended the young wizard Elsura Dauniir, hiring her as his personal cook. The two were constantly together, and rumors abounded that their relationship was less than proper. Eventually, efforts were made to keep Elsura from visiting Tasirin.[1][2]



  1. It is unclear when Tasirin's studies under Mentor occurred. It could have been as early as the founding of the Seven Wizards in 379 DR (Cormanthyr: Empire of the Elves, p. 39). Although Mentor Wintercloak left the Seven Wizards in 682 DR (The Fall of Myth Drannor, p. 18), he taught several students later in life, and Tasirin could be among these.


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