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Tasloi (pronounced: /ˈtæzlɔɪTÆZ-loy[4]) were humanoid jungle-dwellers whose race was thought to be thousands of years old.[5]


Tasloi were 3 ft (0.91 m) tall with gold, cat-like eyes; their green skin was thinly covered in coarse, black hair. They had a stooped, crouching posture and their knuckles dragged on the ground when they walked.[5]


Tasloi were known to be very quick and nimble as they moved between the trees, however, their eyes were easily dazzled in bright sunlight. Despite this, tasloi did possess low-light vision.[1]


Tasloi normally attacked from above, dropping from the treetops onto unwary opponents. If they managed to gain surprise, they used nets to ensnare adversaries, otherwise attacking with their short swords and javelins. They always used hit-and-run tactics in order to wear down tough foes, thus avoiding any stand-up fights. Tasloi always tried to abscond with slain bodies, thus saving food for the group.[6]


Tasloi lived in small groups consisting of several families. Their lairs were usually a series of large trees interconnected by vines and ropes, constructed on platforms high in the jungle canopy. They rarely ventured above these canopies due to the sensitivity of their eyes.[1]

On the ground below the platforms they raised dire rats or spider eaters as beasts of burden and mounts. If the village did have any spider eaters, those beasts were reserved as steeds for the most powerful tasloi in the settlement.[6]


In the Shining South tasloi were known to inhabit the Forest of Amtar, Lluirwood, and the Great Swamp of Rethild.[7]

Beyond Faerûn, tasloi could be found in the tropical and sub-tropical forests and mountains of Kara-Tur,[8] including the Malatran Plateau.[9]

Beyond Toril, some tasloi could be found on the planet Bodi.[10]


A perched tasloi, as depicted in AD&D Trading Cards.

Tasloi worshiped an aspect of Maglubiyet, god of the goblins.[6]


Tasloi spoke their own language, though some were also known to speak common or Sylvan.[6]


Dakon were known to hold great hostility towards tasloi. This often resulted in violent conflicts with them and their banderlog allies.[11]



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