Tatallas, meaning “the eye”, were tiny sinister creatures found in Zakhara, the Land of Fate.[1]

These creatures often found roles as spies or assassins.[1]


Tatalla were small, standing around 2 feet (0.6m) tall. They were humanoid in shape with a single large eye dominating their face. Many tatalla had tusks and large ears, making them appear like miniature ogre giants.[1]


Tatalla were master trackers, possessing an unerring ability to hunt down their victims. These creatures possessed admirable thieving skills which they used to their advantage.[1]

A single bite of a tatalla caused nausea. Multiple bites caused adverse effects including loss of motor skills and even death if left untreated. Tatallas enjoyed biting sleeping victims, then returning each night for another bite until the victim died. The bites looked like regular spider bites.[1]

Though they generally avoided direct confrontations, tatalla were frenzied combatants if corned or forced to fight. Many even carried magical weapons. A pair of jambiyas or razors were their preferred melee weapons.[1]

When faced with dire circumstances, a tatalla could summon large numbers of bats and rats to its aid, These vermin typically arrived within minutes of the tatalla’s call.[1]


All tatallas could speak a guttural form of Midani. They could also communicate with imps, quasits, bats, and rats. Found only within urban environments, they formed guilds within the organized societies of Zakhara. Any tatalla found outside of a city was likely tracking their next victim.[1]

Tatalla guilds mirrored human thieves’ guilds, complete with a hierarchy of members assigned to specific tasks including thieving, spying, and even assassination.[1]


Tatallas scavenged what they needed to survive, or stole anything else they required. They were known to cavort with human and demihuman thieves and holy slayers in exchange for payment.[1]



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