Tattoo of power was a spell unique to Zakhara, the Land of Fate.[1]


Wizards used this spell to store spells within special tattoos. Any spell could be stored in this manner, but the preparation time for stronger spells was greatly increased. Spells stored in this manner were permanent until cast, upon which time they would need to be stored again. The caster used this spell on others, but not themselves. The recipients did not need to be wizards.[1]

This spell needed to be cast in conjunction with the spell that was to be stored. The caster would then immediately tattoo the recipient. The spell stored within the tattoo could be released instantly by uttering a simple command, removing casting times altogether. The tattoo would fade away once the stored spell was cast.[1]

Spells cast in this manner acted as if the original caster were casting them. Thus, a weaker wizard could be walking around with the stored spell of an archmage that was ready for use at any time.[1]

Simple spells required a 2-in. (5.1-cm) square of skin for the tattoo. Stronger spells required much more space. A typical human could store four simple spells upon one arm, ten on their chest, and six on a leg. However, for the spells to function properly, no more than four tattoos could be on a recipient at a time.[1]

For this spell to work the caster needed to be a proficient tattoo artist.[1]


This spell required tattoo supplies to cast.[1]