Tauran was an astral deva in service to Tyr until his faith was shaken in the events leading up to the death of Mystra. He was the mentor of the half-drow knight Kael.[4]


In 1373 DR, Tauran was assigned to capture the alu-fiend Aliisza, whose unborn child (Kael) had cried out to Tyr for justice.[5] Soon after, he and Micus captured Kashada the Nightwraith and imprisoned her in a sphere of eternal life.[6]

After Kael's birth, Tauran became his mentor.[1]

When the Cyricist Zasian Menz infiltrated the House of the Triad, Tauran made an agreement with Kaanyr Vhok and Aliisza to hunt him down. However, they were unable to stop him from stealing Azuth's staff with the help of the freed Kashada/Shar and using it to kill Mystra. During this time, Tauran began doubting Tyr's judgement and his own faith in the gods, becoming a fallen angel.[7]

Not long after the death of Mystra, Tauran was protecting the Lifespring when he was killed by Vhok, who had betrayed the House of the Triad to a legion of demons.[3]




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