A street of a settlement full of taverns.

A place where people go to eat and drink, some couple as inns as well. Usually there is one per town and there are many in large cities. Often in a city there are low-end taverns and high-end taverns, depending on where the tavern is located.

Low-end taverns are poorly made and offer cheap food and drink and are generally located around the shipping docks or slums of a city. They make great spots for thieves, beggars, ruffians, and the like. In these cheap hang-outs there are often fights an bar-brawls, as well as many pick-pocketings and robberies.

High-end taverns are often found by the city halls, worshiping grounds, or palaces, these taverns are extremely well made and offer the finest food and drink money can buy. Those who frequent these places are rich or people of power. The tavern keepers hire multiple skilled bouncers to protect the place and stifle any fights that may break out.


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