Tavis Burdun (pronounced: /bʌrˈdnburr-DOON[4]) was a firbolg ranger in the service of the Kingdom of Hartsvale in the 1370s DR.[1] He was a member of King Camden's Frontier Scouts for many years before inheriting the Weary Giant inn, a home to many orphans in the area.[5]


Tavis had dark eyes and was said to have stood 10 feet (3 meters) tall and weighed around 800 pounds (360 kilograms).[1]


Tavis was described as an honorable and loyal, yet solitary figure. He was known to have a soft spot in his heart for strays and orphans, acting as a father figure to many youths that had no one else. Tavis also had a particular fondness for adventurers, being a man (or giant) of thoughtful action in the face of crisis.[5]


Travis owned a magic composite longbow specially made for him, known by the name of Mountain Crusher.[1]



  1. Wum Burdun is said to be the son of Tavis Burden in A Dish Best Served Cold, one of the Adventurers League modules. This is problematic for a few reasons.
    First, Tavis was married to a human woman, Brianna Burdun. Wum is stated to be a firbolg, not a half-giant. Since firbolgs live about five times longer than humans, it is possible that Tavis remarried a firbolg woman after Brianna died and fathered Wum through her. Or, perhaps Tavis adopted Wum, as he himself had been adopted.
    However, the source also states that Tavis had hoped that Wum would assume the Alabaster Throne upon the former's death. As consort to the queen of Hartwick, Tavis should never have been allowed to sit on the throne. At best, he would have been regent after Brianna's death until her child came of age. Kaedlaw Burdun was her firstborn, so the only way that Wum could have assumed the throne was if he was Brianna's child as well and if Kaedlaw had died, and this brings us back to the first conflict.
    It could be argued that after Briana's death, Tavis started a new dynasty, but this conflicts with Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide, which explicitly states that the current king of Hartsvale in 5th edition is a member of House Hartwick in the same line of descent from Hartkiller as Brianna was, so the line was unbroken.



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