Teda Hervyn was a member of the Royal Constabulary of Impiltur during the 14th century DR. She was charged with enforcing the "King's Code" in town of Moranay and was fair and just in her service to the realm.[1]


Telda was a dark-skinned woman with handsome features.[1]


Although her parents hailed from Turmish, Teda was born in Agmoth county and never traveled to her ancestral homeland. She had a successful military career, having served in the Queen's Guard and the City Watch of Hlammach before joining the Royal Constabulary.[1]

When a coven of Sharran hags infiltrated Moranay during the 14th century DR, Teda was one of the first citizens that was dominated. For several tendays, the hags used her as a thrall to confirm the lies they spread about the seemingly immortal Lord Salumbrar, going so far as to impersonate her by means of the spell veil. The manipulated Teda confirmed reports about slain animals and vampire attacks, that reinforced the "rumors" that Lord Salumbrar had succumbed to undeath and was slaughtering his own people. The coven used Teda's status as Royal Constable to manipulate the citizens of Moranay, insisting that she was "busy investigating the matter" all the while preventing the Lords of Imphras II from dispatching any additional forces to uncover the truth of the matter.[1]

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