Tee-a-nicknkick was a half-qullan pirate who plotted the assassination of Captain Deudermont with his companion, Creeps Sharky, in the late 1360s DR.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

The half-qullan man had thick black hair tied in a topknot, and tattoos covering practically every part of his body, including his face. He wore a tiger-skin kilt, which exposed a lot of his skin. He struggled with speaking Common, and would often replace words with others.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Tee-a-nicknick was born to a qullan tribe on an unknown island. Being only half-qullan, his ferocious tribe of full-blood qullans rejected him as inferior. Tee-a-nicknick remained on the island until he was taken by a group of pirates. After this, the half-qullan sailed with humans for most of his life.[1]

He became friends with a fellow pirate known as Creeps Sharky, who realized Tee-a-nicknick's skill with the deadly blowgun. The exotic warrior concocted the blowgun dart with a cat's claw, feathers, and an oozing syrup. Among the shadows of a rooftop, the pirates waited for Deudermont to exit the Cutlass inn in Luskan and meet with Wulfgar and Morik. After Tee-a-nicknick blew his dart into the pirate captain, they then moved down the street and pretended to be drunks to avoid the authorities.[1]

Tee-a-nicknick was later caught, brutally tortured, and killed at Luskan's Prisoners' Carnival.[1]

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