Tegal's Mark was the most widely known tassel,[4] located near Rauthauvyr's Road, which served as the de facto capital of Tasseldale.[5]


While Tegal's Mark was not particularly large, it was quite a vision. The picturesque town was set between two wooded hills, surrounded by a garden. There were three major landmarks that were visible from the Tasselway road entering the town. These were two large houses on the south-eastern hill and an elven watchtower.[4]


The town of Tegal's Mark was founded around 1187 DR by the renowned swordsmith named Tegal. His forge, also named "Tegal's Mark" was the landmark around which the town grew. His apprentices took on the tradition of stamping their blades with his personal "mark", a tradition that continued well into the 14th century.[5]

Notable locationsEdit

  • Sharburg: A re-purposed elven watchtower that served as the seat of power for the Grand Mairshar and housed the Mairshar forces.[6] It also held the armory for Tasseldale's militia and their primary dungeon.[2]
  • Red Wyvern Company: This Sembian trading company kept a large office in Tasseldale, coordinating their ore and textile trade within the region.[7]
  • Temper Pond: This cool swimming hole was used by smithies to cool their weapons.[4]


Inns and tavernsEdit

  • The Markhouse: This fine inn catered to travelers going along Rauthauvyr's Road.[7]
  • The Royal Flagon: A tavern popular with adventurers and rich with hearsay and rumors.[7]
  • Sword and Sash: This festhall and taproom was noted for its particularly bawdy theater.[7]





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