Telantiwar was an ancient drow city.


When the drow first descended into the Underdark, they invaded and conquered the Dwarven city of Bhaerynden and renamed it Telantiwar. The Drow bore two generations within the city, being host to Four Matriarchal noble houses. The main export of Telantiwar was copper and laves. The cavern housing the city later collapsed in on itself during the uprising of House Alean'viir. Civil war erupted between the House of Alean'viir and the three other noble houses within the city. The cave in buried and crushed the city, forming the Great Rift.[1][2]

Noble Houses

House Rilyn'val was the ruling noble house of Telantiwar, claiming to be direct descendants of the very first Illythri followers of Lolth. They pridied themselves on their abundant trade of slaves as well as their strong, dreadful priestesses. The Arch Priestess of Telantiwar was also the Matron of House Rilyn'val. Their colors were black and maroon.

House Zau'tyl was the house of mages. They prided themselves in their skilled mages. The Ul'faeruk of the city was also the Qu'el'faeruk of House Zau'tyl. Their colors were silver and orange.

House Alean'viir was the house of warriors. They bred the strongest and most skilled of melee warriors within the city. Diveth Alean'viir, the first noble son, was also the Qu'el'saruk of House Alean'viir. Their colors were light blue and black.

House Ale'afin was the house who prided themselves on their mercantile ability, trading with the neighboring city of Maerimydra. They controlled the abundant supply of copper that was prevalent in the mines of Telantiwar. Their colors were black and brown.[citation needed]



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