Telardon was a city in the ancient sun elf realm of Siluvanede (founded c. −8400 DR). It was called the City of Emerald Spires.[1]


Telardon was built amidst the great High Forest, at a time when it was much larger in extent. By the 14th century DR, its ruins were to be found in the western fringe of the Silverwood, looking out over the Evermoors.[1]


During the Seven Citadels' War (c. −4500 to c. −4300 DR), the allied forces of Eaerlann and Sharrven toppled the emerald towers and demolished the city. However, the overeager Eaerlanni missed the subterranean facilities where corrupt sun elves had engaged in fiendish arts.[1]


The wizards of Telardon fashioned unusual magic items, for which the city was well known not only in Siluvanede but in realms beyond.[1]


Once known for its high emerald-hued towers, no more than a few crumbling heaps of green stone remained of Telardon after its destruction.[1]

But beneath the city were buried dozens of secret chambers and libraries, untouched by the war. Here, the a few corrupted sun elves of old had practiced fiendish magics.[1]

Hundreds of arcane magic items were also left behind and buried in the ground. With centuries of neglect, their powerful magic decayed and their energies mingled into a corrupting effect called "greenbinding". It had a horrifying effect on animals, fey, humanoids, and giants that unwittingly wandered into the area, turning them into mighty plant-like monsters known as greenbound creatures.[1][2]


Once home to sun elves, by 1374 DR the ruins were the lair of dozens of greenbound trolls that had been transformed there.[1]