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Teleportation circle was a conjuration spell that created a circle that teleported any creature within it to a chosen location.[1][4]


Upon casting the spell over ten minutes, the teleportation circle appeared on the floor around the caster, or on whatever horizontal surface they stood on, with a diameter of 10 feet (3 meters). It functioned like the greater teleport spell. Any creature who stood within the circle was teleported to a designated location. This location could only be set once. If the caster tried to designate a location that was a solid object, an area they were unfamiliar with and lacked a clear description, or was in another plane, the spell failed.[4]

The circle was discreet and very difficult to spot. The caster needed to mark the circle in some way to keep creatures from activating it accidentally.[4]

Teleportation circles were extremely difficult to detect and disarm.[4]

After the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, the teleportation circle functioned for 170 minutes, or longer for even more experienced casters.[4] After the Second Sundering in the 1480s DR, the version of this spell most commonly seen lasted for only a few seconds.[1] Both could be made permanent: the more powerful 1372 version via a permanency spell,[4] and the weaker 1480s version by being cast every day on the same spot for one year.[1]


This spell required verbal and material components. After 1372 DR, amber dust valued at 1000 gp was required to cover the area of the circle.[4] The post–Second Sundering version of the spell required that the circle be marked with rare forms of chalk and ink infused with gems.[1]



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