Telkoun Adranther was an evil sorcerer who constantly sought magical power.[1]


His parents were an evil sorceress and a powerful demon.[1]


Circa 1352 DR, together with his fellows, Telkoun came across the ancient Netherese tower of High Thorog. After driving away all the creatures that were occupying the tower, Telkoun enslaved his fellows and proclaimed himself absolute master of the tower. He spent years of his life trying to solve the mysteries of the tower. The most intriguing was certainly the stasis sphere. He believed that a demon lord had been imprisoned within the sphere. His purpose was to free the demon and gain a dark reward.[1]


Telkoun used his powerful spells, such as charm monster to subjugate large groups of monsters and creatures living near the tower. Under Telkoun's control, these creatures watched the lands around the tower and reported intruders' movements. These creatures were in the majority perytons.[2]



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