Tellectus was a city founded by the Ariser Creed of Oryndoll in the Upperdark near Beregost.

Long before the mid-14th century DR, a band of adventurers launched a devastating raid on the city. They discovered the sword Taragarth, which had been being studied there. In addition to the legendary bastard sword, the adventurers also found a series of stone tablets with illithid writing on them. When they deciphered the tablets, it was found that the colony had a safe passage to Oryndoll, but its location was not on the tablets. It was also revealed that the colony was built to gain access to Candlekeep's library, by ambushing travelers coming and going with new knowledge. It had one other purpose, and that was to document Candlekeep's defenses, for the possibility of a future plundering by the Arisers of Oryndoll.

However, due to the raid, the efforts at Tellectus were abandoned by the Arisers, though their efforts to plunder Candlekeep continued from Oryndoll.

Their mozgriken servitors still lived in the ruins, abandoned by the Arisers and not wanted among their svirfneblin ancestors. Their numbers somehow grew slowly, and a community of mongrelmen grew underneath them as thralls.[1]



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