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Telpir (also seen as Telpiir[8]) was an independent city[note 1] on the Dragon Coast north of Turmish and east of Starmantle.[4]


Telpir was located at the eastern tip of the Dragon Coast just past the point where the coastline turned southward. The Sea of Fallen Stars was to the north and east, the Gulthmere Forest was to the south and west. Beyond the forest to the southwest were the Mountains of the Alaoreum, and northern Turmish was due south.[2][4] Just a few miles (kilometers) off the coast of Telpir was the ixitxachitl realm of Xedran Reefs. Telpir was roughly halfway between the capital city Xedras 40 miles (64 kilometers) to the southeast[8] and the heavily fortified holy city of Xyladren to the northeast.[9] The island of Storna was also a few miles off the coast from Telpir.[10]

Map showing the approximate location of Storna.


Telpir was a port city and was known to trade with other cities on the Inner Sea.[7] It also had a thriving caravan business that traveled the coastal roads in both directions.[11] As of the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, the nascent nation called the Holy Realm, founded by the Fellowship of the Purple Staff in the eastern Gulthmere, had economic ties to Telpir.[12] The dwarves of Ironfang Deep and the Mountains of the Alaoreum also traded with merchants out of Telpir.[13]


In the Year of the Shattered Wall, 1271 DR, the Crystrum of Tranquility, a holy relic of Eldath, passed through Telpir in the hands of a courier being pursued by the Red Wizards of Thay.[14]

In the Year of the Prince, 1357 DR, a cog called Umbolden departed from Telpir for the Moonsea but never reached its destination of Melvaunt.[7]

Telpir was the site of the strongest temple to Lathander outside of Waterdeep.[5] In the Year of Lightning Storms, 1374 DR, the church issued proclamations that were widely viewed as supporting the Risen Sun heresy.[3][15]

Notable Locations[]

Notable Inhabitants[]

  • Durneth Seafarer: the High Radiance of the Tower of the Morning.[3][5]
  • Dzentraven Thiomtul: the Master Merchant of the Trueshield Trading Priakos.[1][11][17]
  • Gorstal Hammers: an adventuring wizard with business interests on Storna.[10]
  • Jadaster Belvrost: a wizard, merchant, and investor with an interest in physical locks and various lock spells.[18]



  1. The Pirates of the Fallen Stars sourcebook seems to imply on page 48 that Telpir is part of Turmish, but all other known sources do not associate Telpir with Turmish except by proximity.


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