Tempest was the murdered lover of Ren o' the Blade.[2]


Tempest was a very beautiful and muscular woman with fiery red hair.[1] With her emerald green eyes and facial features, she resembled Shal Bal.[3]


Her hair was the flaming sienna red of bur oak leaves in autumn.

Bawdy and quick as a street courtesan, Tempest was wonderfully talented in all her exploits.[1]


When hunting and stealing, Tempest preferred to wear black leather armor.[1]


In 1339 DR[4], Ren and Tempest stole a pair of magical daggers and ioun stones from an assassin's guild in Waterdeep.[5]

Later that year, the killers found Ren and Tempest in their Waterdhavian home and stabbed Tempest through her left breast.[2] The dagger was coated in a vile poison which caused Tempest to convulse and spasm in her death throes; Ren had no choice but to put her out of her misery.[6]




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