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The tempest domain was a deity domain associated with the wrath of nature and its destructive powers.[1]



This divine domain was claimed by several deities, including gods of fire, thunder, wind, and the seas. A few gods that encouraged their followers to spread fear and violence, or those which wished to inspire courage, also laid claim to the tempest domain.[1]


Clerics of tempest domain deities were proficient at wearing heavy armor, as well as fighting with martial weapons. As well as this, they were able to strike those who attacked them with the powers of thunder and lightning. Dexterous foes, however, were able to avoid much of the strike.[1]

Novice clerics of the tempest domain were able to cast fog cloud, thunderwave, gust of wind, shatter and channel divinity in the form of a destructive wrath. Experienced tempest domain clerics could call lightning or evoke a sleet storm. They were also able to forcefully push back creatures, provided they were not too large, when dishing out lightning damage. These divine casters could infuse their weapon with divine energy, dealing far more thunder damage on attacks. Very skilled clerics of this domain could cast control water and ice storm, and those who had truly mastered it could cast destructive wave, insect plague. These masters were also able to fly.[1]




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