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This template creates a floating box in the {{Border box}} style but with fewer parameters and more flexibility for formatting (usually tabular) content. It is intended to be used for sidebar information. If you want to display a quote, using {{Fq}} is easier.


{{Border box float
| theme        = 
| float        = 
| contentalign = 
| width        = 
| styles       = 
| content      = 


(Optional) Currently "runes" is the only theme available and is the default.
(Optional) The side of the page where to box is to be placed. Text will flow around it. Set to "left" or "right". Default is "right".
(Optional) the text-align property of the content area may be set to "left", "right", "center", or "justify". The default is "center".
(Optional) The default value is "200px", but you can override this using a percentage or an absolute width in pixels (px), inches (in), centimeters (cm), millimeters (mm), points (pt), picas (pc), or ems (em). You may also specify "auto" and the box should adjust to the width of the contents.
(Optional) You may specify additional CSS selectors to be applied to the overall bordered box. For example, margin: 10px; would add an additional 10 pixel margin around the entire box. If the box doesn't float all the way to the left or right rails, add clear:both; here. Attributes and values must be separated by a colon (:) and selectors must be separated by a semicolon (;). Do not enclose the string in quotes, this is done inside the template. This is not to be used to alter the style of the bordered box—use the wiki's CSS for that.
(Required) The main content of the bordered box. Typically this will be lines of text or a table. Using {{Split table}} is recommended but HTML <table> will work if necessary. Wikitables (those enclosed by {| and |} ) will not work unless every pipe symbol (|) is replaced by {{!}}.


Floating box with formatted text:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean consequat, elit quis congue tempus, tellus leo auctor lorem, id vestibulum eros neque quis turpis. Curabitur enim enim, facilisis et, feugiat ut, egestas aliquet, lorem. Nullam nec nisi. Sed id ipsum. Praesent ullamcorper, sapien at nonummy pulvinar, orci nisi sodales magna, euismod placerat libero pede nec enim. Donec fringilla, risus varius sollicitudin ornare, mauris ligula interdum tortor, in consequat ante nunc vitae purus. Pellentesque nunc risus, tempus at, congue nec, iaculis non, nunc. Fusce imperdiet iaculis risus. Mauris dolor lectus, ullamcorper quis, fringilla a, imperdiet in, sapien. Duis gravida purus eu risus. Mauris et orci at erat aliquet faucibus. Quisque volutpat.

{{Border box float
| float        = left
| contentalign = center
| width        = 275px
| styles       = font-variant:small-caps;
| content      = {{Lorem}}

Floating box with a {{Split table}}:

ethrael deeds to properties
kala judges
kauladd code of law
meavor trade agent, factor
nagra police
satrap petty ruler
tharodd 6 ft (1.8 m)
{{Border box float
| contentalign=center
| width=200px
| float=right
| content={{Split table
  |caption = Glossary
      | '''ethrael''' | deeds to properties
      | '''kala'''    | judges
      | '''kauladd''' | code of law
      | '''meavor'''  | trade agent, factor
      | '''nagra'''   | police
      | '''satrap'''  | petty ruler
      | '''tharodd''' | 6 ft (1.8 m)

Floating box with HTML table:

Satrap Militias
circa 1373 DR
1 Fighter 14
3 Fighters 12
5 Fighters 10
34 Fighters 5
67 Fighters 2
213 Fighters 1
1 Warrior 13
1 Warrior 11
4 Warriors 7
17 Warriors 6
29 Warriors 5
62 Warriors 4
78 Warriors 3
114 Warriors 2
387 Warriors 1
Total men-at-arms: 1,016
{{Border box float
| contentalign = center
| width        = auto
| float        = right
| content=<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="width: 100%; padding: 4px;">
  <tr><th colspan="2" style="font-size:larger;">Satrap Militias</th></tr>
  <tr><td colspan="2" style="padding-bottom: 3px;">''circa'' 1373 DR</td></tr>
  <tr><td style="vertical-align:top; border-right:1px solid #A0522D; padding-right:6px;">
        {{Split table|rca=right|1 Fighter|14|3 Fighters|12|5 Fighters|10|34 Fighters|5|67 Fighters|2|213 Fighters|1}}</td>
      <td style="vertical-align:top; padding-left:6px;">
        {{Split table|rca=right|1 Warrior|13|1 Warrior|11|4 Warriors|7|17 Warriors|6|29 Warriors|5|62 Warriors|4|78 Warriors|3|114 Warriors|2|387 Warriors|1}}</td>
  <tr><th colspan="2">Total men-at-arms: 1,016</th></tr>
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