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The Category jump template is used on category pages that show inhabitants, locations, organizations, settlements, or other topics for a specific location or region within the setting. It will provide links to categories for other types of articles for that same location or region.


{{Category jump
| name            = 
| link            = 
| useon           = 
| inhabitants     = 
| creatures       = 
| deities         = 
| locations       = 
| divine realms   = 
| organizations   = 
| settlements     = 
| roads           = 
| mountains       = 
| forests         = 
| bodies of water = 
| items           = 
| food and drink  = 
| events          = 
| maps            = 
| images          = 
| additional1     = 
| linktext1       = 
| additional2     = 
| linktext2       = 
| additional3     = 
| linktext3       = 
| additional4     = 
| linktext4       = 
| additional5     = 
| linktext5       = 


{{Category jump
| name            = the High Forest
| link            = High Forest
| useon           = 
| inhabitants     = yes
| locations       = yes
| organizations   = yes
| settlements     = yes
| roads           = yes
| mountains       = yes


The name of the article associated with the category. For example, if you are putting the template on Category:Locations in the High Forest, this parameter would be "the High Forest". Note that you might need to include (lower case) "the" at the beginning of this parameter in order for the names of the categories to be correctly generated. That is, "the High Forest" is needed to link to Category:Inhabitants of the High Forest. It will display as "The High Forest" in the title of the box.
If the name of the subject is different from the article describing the subject, or if the name parameter is different from the name of the article, then put the name of the article here. That is, if the name parameter is, for example, "the High Forest", then the link parameter should be simply "High Forest". This will correctly link the heading in the template to the article.
Some articles, such as those about islands or coastlines, need to use "on" rather than "of" or "in", for example Category:Locations on the Sword Coast North. Set this parameter to "yes" in these situations.
Set to "yes" if the Inhabitants link should be shown.
Set to "yes" to display the Creatures link.
Set to "yes" if the deities link should be shown. (Generally used for {{Plane}}s.)
Set to "yes" if the Locations link should be shown.
divine realms
Set to "yes" if the Divine realms link should be shown. (Generally used for {{Plane}}s.)
Set to "yes" if the Organizations link should be shown.
Set to "yes" if the Settlements link should be shown.
Set to "yes" if the Roads link should be shown.
Set to "yes" if the Mountains link should be shown.
Set to "yes" if the Forests link should be shown.
bodies of water
Set to "yes" if the Bodies of water link should be shown.
Set to "yes" if the Items link should be known.
food and drink
Set to "yes" if the Food and drink link should be shown.
Set to "yes" if the Events link should be shown.
additional1 through 5
To include any other fitting categories, write their names here.
linktext1 through 5
This will be the text of the category links.

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