This is a DPL (Dynamic Page List) template that finds the union of two categories. It is useful for creating combined lists of things that are similar or linked in some way. The output is alphabetical by page name and is formatted like a category page. Redirect pages are included in the results.


There are two arguments, DPL_cat1= and DPL_cat2=, that are passed through the URL so that this template may be used in multiple places. In the URL, the first argument after the page name must be delineated with a question mark, "?", otherwise the whole argument string is interpreted as part of the name and the wiki complains the page does not exist. The second argument and any others are delineated by an ampersand "&". The Magic Word {{fullurl:page name|query_string}} can be used to create the URL and will insert the question mark before the query_string for you. Note that spaces in the query_string must be replaced by underscore characters.

For example, a link that gives all known Storm and Cloud giants would be constructed with:

[{{fullurl:Template:Category union|DPL_cat1=Storm_giants&DPL_cat2=Cloud_giants&action=purge}} Example link 1]

Example link 1

Other examples: Creatures found in freshwater lakes or marshes and Items less than 50 gp.

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