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This template is used for citing sources from the D&D Adventurers League series of publications. As of this writing, they were only available for purchase in PDF format on the Dungeon Masters Guild website. The parameters listed below are named for this type of citation. This template formats the inputs and then calls {{Cite publication}}.


To create a new Adventurers League citation, cut and paste the following code:

{{Cite adventurers league
| designer     = 
| coauthors    = 
| editor       = 
| released     = 
| title        = 
| code         = 
| format       = 
| storyline    = 
| publisher    = 
| pages        = {{{1|}}}


Similar to author, this is usually given on the title page of the document. Wiki links are allowed.
Optional field for additional designers/authors.
The person credited for editing the document. If more than one editor is credited, separate with commas. Wiki links are allowed.
The date, preferably in ISO 8601 format: YYYY-MM-DD
From the title page, in title case. Wiki links are allowed.
The adventure code, e.g. DDAL05-01
Defaults to PDF if left blank, but if this ever changes, you can specify it here.
Usually Adventurers League adventures are an adjunct to an officially published adventure, e.g. Storm King's Thunder. You may link to the wiki article here.
Defaults to Wizards of the Coast if left blank. If this ever changes, you may specify the publisher here.
This is a passed-in parameter and should be denoted as shown above. When calling the template, you may specify one or more page numbers, separated by commas, or a range of pages separated by a dash. Spaces will be added after each comma and dashes will be converted to n-dashes.


The template page Template:Cite adventurers league/Treasure of the Broken Hoard contains:

{{Cite adventurers league
| designer     = [[Shawn Merwin]]
| coauthors    = 
| editor       = [[Claire Hoffman]], [[Travis Woodall]]
| released     = 2016-09-06
| title        = [[Treasure of the Broken Hoard]]
| code         = DDAL05-01
| format       = 
| storyline    = [[Storm King's Thunder]]
| publisher    = 
| pages        = {{{1|}}}

Called by

{{Cite adventurers league/Treasure of the Broken Hoard|4,8-10}}

Renders as:

Shawn Merwin (2016). Treasure of the Broken Hoard (DDAL05-01) (PDF). Edited by Claire Hoffman, Travis Woodall. D&D Adventurers League: Storm King's Thunder (Wizards of the Coast), pp. 4, 8–10.