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This template is the parent template for all comic citations. It calls {{Cite publication}} which is based on Wikipedia cite journal template. Use this template to create sub-templates for specific comic stories so that you and others may reference them in articles on this wiki, but first look through Category:Comic citation templates to make sure someone hasn't already made a template for the work you want to reference. You can view all the various citation templates, including books, magazines, video games, trading cards, and web-sourced citations here. For help citing sources with pre-made templates, see Help:Citing sources.


The template is invoked with:

{{Cite comic
| author    = 
| series    = 
| issue     = 
| title     = 
| numbered  = 
| date      = 
| publisher = 
| ISBN      = 
| pages     = {{{1|PAGES}}}

These entries are defined and used as follows:

Optional. The author or authors of this issue or story of the comic, separated by commas. Write their names as links to link to articles on the authors. If an author goes by an alias or has changed their name since their work was published, the original name may be appended to the current name with a forward slash (/). Example: Dale Henson/[[slade]] will render as Dale Henson (as slade).
Required if "numbered". The overall comic series of which the issue or story being referenced is a part.
Required. The issue number of the issue or story being referenced, as an integer without the octothorpe (the # symbol).
Required. The specific title of the issue or story being referenced. This should be a link to an article about the comic or story (red links are okay). Note that titles may vary between cover and inside page, and from issue to issue. Use the most consistent.
Optional. If the comic has no title but is just a number in a series, then set this parameter to any value (typically yes) and the template will use the series and the issue to form the text displayed as a link to title.
Optional. The month and year of publication, or year if month is unknown.
Optional. The publisher of the comic, such as DC Comics or IDW Publishing.
Optional. The ISBN of the comic, if one exists.
Optional. Please replace the string "PAGES" with the page number(s) of the whole story or the number of pages in the comic—this will be the default if no specific page number is specified when this template is called.


For example, the Cite comic template may be filled out as follows:

{{Cite comic
| author    = [[Jeff Grubb]]
| series    = [[Forgotten Realms (comic)|Forgotten Realms]]
| issue     = 1
| title     = The Hand of Vaprak, Part 1: The Ogre's Paw
| year      = September 1989
| publisher = [[wikipedia:en:DC Comics|DC Comics]]
| ISBN      = 
| pages     = {{{1|1-32}}}

This produces:

Jeff Grubb (September 1989). “The Hand of Vaprak, Part 1: The Ogre's Paw”. Forgotten Realms #1 (DC Comics), pp. 1–32.

This pre-made template may be accessed at Template:Cite comic/DC FR comic 01. Invoking:

{{Cite comic/DC FR comic 01|1}}


Jeff Grubb (August 1989). “The Ogre's Paw”. In Elliot S. Maggin and Barbara Kesel ed. Forgotten Realms comics #01 (DC Comics), p. 1.
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