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This template is the parent template for all Game citation templates and should only be called directly for a one-time use. If it will be used more than once, please create a child template.


{{Cite game
| title     = 
| accessory = 
| developer = 
| publisher = 
| designer  = 
| date      = 
| format    = 
| pages     = {{{1|}}}
| scene     = 


Required. The title of the game, typically a link to its wiki page.
Optional. If this is a citation of a piece of media that came with the game, like the manual, then state that here. Whatever you put here will be followed by the words "included in" and the rest of the citation as usual.
Optional. Usually the game studio that coded the game. If this is the same as publisher, then you may leave it blank.
Optional. The company responsible for bringing the game to market.
Optional. The person or persons who laid out the blueprint for the game, wrote the plot, etc. Whatever you put here will be preceded by the words "Designed by".
Optional. The date the game was released to the general public, in ISO 8601 format (YYYY-MM-DD) or Month, Year, or just Year, whichever is known.
Optional. The format of the media being cited, like PDF, if appropriate. There should be no need to mention the media on which the game was delivered. Leave it blank if you're citing something you have to play the game to find.
Optional. If citing a manual or similar document, this field will accept a page number or series of page numbers separated by commas or dashes. Spaces will be added and dashes will be converted to n-dashes if necessary for proper number formatting.
Optional. The place in the flow of the game where the information being cited was found, like a chapter or a level.
Optional. (Not shown above) This field is specifically for the .FCW filename of a file from the Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas. The .FCW suffix will automatically be appended to this field.


Enter this:

{{Cite game
| title     = [[Neverwinter Nights 2]]
| accessory = 
| developer = [[Obsidian Entertainment]]
| publisher = [[wikipedia:en:Atari, Inc.|Atari]]
| designer  = [[Ferret Baudoin]] and [[J.E. Sawyer]]
| date      = 2006
| format    = 
| pages     = 
| scene     = Chapter 4

to see this:

Obsidian Entertainment (2006). Designed by Ferret Baudoin and J.E. Sawyer. Neverwinter Nights 2. Atari. Scene: Chapter 4.

Enter this:

{{Cite game
| title     = [[Icewind Dale (game)|Icewind Dale]]
| accessory = Manual
| developer = [[Black Isle Studios]]
| publisher = [[wikipedia:en:Interplay Entertainment|Interplay]]
| designer  = 
| date      = 2000
| format    = PDF
| pages     = 1,3,5-7
| scene     = 

to see this:

Manual included in Black Isle Studios (2000). Icewind Dale (PDF). Interplay, pp. 1, 3, 5–7.

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