This template is the generic citation template for books, digital books, novels, and magazines. It is based roughly on the Wikipedia book and Wikipedia Journal templates. The templates {{Cite book}}, {{Cite digital book}}, {{Cite comic}}, {{Cite dragon}}, and {{Cite dungeon}} call this one with customized input and categories unique to each specialized template, and therefore this template should not be called directly.


{{Cite publication
| accessory   = 
| author      = 
| editor      = 
| alt_ed      = 
| date        = 
| title       = 
| url         = 
| format      = 
| work        = 
| publisher   = 
| pages       = 
| location    = 
| chapter     = 
| archiveurl  = 
| archivedate = 
| accessdate  = 
| ISBN        = 
| ASIN        = 

All parameters are optional, but it will look pretty bad if you don't at least specify the basics.

This is for a piece of media contained in the referenced publication, like "Map", "Reference cards", or "Inside cover", for example. This will prefix the citation with the value of this parameter, followed by "included in" and a non-breaking space.
One or more author names, if applicable, separated by commas. If no author is specified, the editor's name(s) will appear here. Names may be wiki links if desired. Note that proper citations list Lastname, Firstname but our wiki links are [[Firstname Lastname]], so use the wikilink format until further notice. If an author goes by an alias or has changed their name since their work was published, the original name may be appended to the current name with a forward slash (/). Example: Dale Henson/[[slade]] will render as Dale Henson (as slade).
One or more editor names, if applicable, separated by commas. Magazines and anthologies will have editors and those should be listed here. Wiki links are allowed. This field will be appended with "ed." to distinguish it from the author. If a comma (" , ") is detected in this field, it assumes there is more than one editor and will appends "eds." If author is also specified, then this field will appear after the title, prefaced with "In" and followed by work. Editor aliases may be specified in the same way as author aliases (see above).
Setting this to "true" will change the way the editor field is formatted when author is also specified. Instead of "In <editor> ed." it will say "Edited by <editor>."
This can be just a year (mainly used for books) or a month and year, or an exact date. It will be offset by parentheses in the output.
The title of the book, article, or short story. Books should be wiki linked, articles and short stories generally not (but see the url parameter). If this is an article or short story, then the work parameter should be specified.
This is for specifying an external link to an on-line version of an article or short story that was also published in print or eBook format. If the work being cited is only available on the internet, then use the {{Cite web}} template instead of this one.
If url is specified, then use this to indicate the format of the publication (usually PDF). This field is also used to specify the type of digital book (Kindle, Nook, etc.).
This field is for the containing publication when the title parameter is a magazine article or short story. If there are authors and editors, the editors will be listed first, then this field.
The company that published the work being cited. This is usually TSR, Inc., Wizards of the Coast, or Paizo Publishing, but could be others. Wiki links allowed.
A page number, a comma-separated list of page numbers, a range of pages using a dash (" - ") to separate the first page number from the last page number, or a combination of these. If a dash is detected, it will be converted to an en-dash ("–"). If either a comma or a dash is detected, this will be preceded by "pp.", otherwise just "p.".
The location or index number used to find a passage in a digital book. Similar to pages, this will be preceded by "loc." or "locs." If pages is specified, this field is ignored.
A chapter number or name. Multiple chapters and ranges of chapters will work but are strongly discouraged. A specific reference should be isolated to a single chapter in nearly every case. This field will be preceded by "chap.", or "chaps." if multiple chapters are detected. Please specify this for digital books.
URL of an internet archive copy of the publication (usually an address). Do not link this, it will be linked to the title. Requires archivedate.
Date the archive was saved in ISO 8601 format (YYYY-MM-DD). Requires archiveurl.
Date that you last retrieved the publication from either the url or archiveurl, whichever is more recent.
The International Standard Book Number, if applicable.
An Amazon Standard Identification Number. Primarily used for Kindle editions, which will all list an Amazon ASIN. Do not use this in place of an ISBN if an ISBN is available, because that will limit the reader's choice of places to see information about the publication.


See also: Template:Cite book, Template:Cite dragon, and Template:Cite dungeon
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