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This template creates an infobox for use in any article about a battle, conflict, campaign, war, or other military event within the Forgotten Realms. All parameters except name are optional and if left undefined they will not appear. Any image will be resized to fit the infobox. This is a pass-through template to {{Event}} that uses a subset of the parameters for that infobox. Only the conflict-related ones are shown here.

You may add wiki links to articles on locations, dates, commanders, etc.


| image       = 
| caption     = 
| name        = 
| partof      = 
| othernames  = 
| type        = 
| place       = 
| date        = 
| duration    = 
| basicrefs   = 
| cause       = 
| responsible = 
| battles     = 
| result      = 
| histrefs    = 
| combatant1  = 
| combatant2  = 
| combatant3  = 
| combatant4  = 
| combrefs    = 
| commander1  = 
| commander2  = 
| commander3  = 
| commander4  = 
| commrefs    = 
| strength1   = 
| strength2   = 
| strength3   = 
| strength4   = 
| strrefs     = 
| casualties1 = 
| casualties2 = 
| casualties3 = 
| casualties4 = 
| casurefs    = 

An example is shown to the right:


Optional. The file name of an image that represents the conflict. For backward compatibility, [[File:]] and [[Image:]] tags will still work.
Optional. A brief sentence describing the image, if necessary. This field will be italicized for you.
Required. The name used to refer to the conflict. Usually the name of the page.
Optional. The name of the greater conflict if this article describes a battle or skirmish that was part of a war.
Optional. Any other names (like from the loser's point of view) by which this conflict was known.
Optional. Typically "Battle" or "War", but could be "Insurrection" or whatever is appropriate.
Optional. The primary location(s) the event took place. Please wikilink the locations and separate them by commas or <br /> tags, whichever looks best. (location will also work.)
Optional. The date on which the conflict occurred, in Dale reckoning. Use wikilinks for years, and include month and day if known. You may also specify a range of dates, separated by an n-dash, for larger events, e.g. 1345 DR1347 DR. If the date is only approximate, you may preface with with circa (or c. for short), e.g. circa −5000 DR.
Optional. How long the conflict lasted.
Optional. Put the <ref> tags here and they will show up in the header rather than clutter up the data fields.
Optional. A brief description of why the conflict happened.
Optional. If there was a third-party instigator or other driving force (e.g., famine) that caused the conflict, note it here, but the article should explain the causes in detail.
Optional. A short list of the major battles in a larger war. Please wikilink.
Optional. The outcome of the event. Usually given as "Victory for combatant". (outcome will also work.)
Optional. Put <ref> tags for the History section here so they don't clutter up the data fields.
combatant1, combatant2, combatant3, combatant4 
Optional. The names of the parties involved, preferably wikilinked. You may use the name of a country involved (such as Cormyr) or the name of an army (such as the Army of Darkness) or an organization (such as Iron Throne). You may add a small (no bigger than about 25px please) image of a flag, symbol, coat-of-arms, or badge associated with each combatant by specifying a file like this: [[File:ZhentarimSymbol.jpg|25px|link=Zhentarim]].
Optional. Put <ref> tags for the Combatants section here.
commander1, commander2, commander3, commander4 
Optional. The names of the leaders of the combatants. Typically generals and military commanders, but may also be heads of state. Use wikilinks, and separate multiple commanders with commas or <br /> tags, whichever looks best.
Optional. Put <ref> tags for the Commanders section here.
strength1, strength2, strength3, strength4 
Optional. The size of the opposing forces. Typical usage might be "100 infantry" or "500 orcs". Use commas or <br /> tags to separate multiple units.
Optional. Put <ref> tags for the Strength section here.
casualties1, casualties2, casualties3, casualties4 
The number of dead and/or wounded. This may be broken down by race or by unit, but keep it short enough that it fits nicely. Use commas or <br /> tags to separate deaths from different races or units.
Optional. Put <ref> tags for the Casualties section here.
Optional (not shown above). This template and {{Event}} automatically generate categories. To suppress these categories, set this to "true". This parameter is typically only used on documentation pages, like this one.

Deprecated Fields

These are here for backward compatibility only. Please use the various refs parameters above to specify the source of the info.

Deprecated. If all data in the infobox comes from a single source, you may link it here.
Deprecated. Page number(s) in the source.

Standardized Sections

These are the typical section headers for an article about a conflict, as discussed in this forum thread. You can easily cut and paste it from here and delete the ones you don't use:

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