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This template is used to designate articles that contain factoids for the {{On this day}} template. It handles the generation of several pieces of information.

  • It displays a message in a box with a graphic, explaining that editors should not remove or change the format of the section labeled "On This Day".
  • The template takes an unnamed argument that should be the zero-padded day of the year (from 001 to 366) which it uses to generate a category with the appropriate sort key. The category is Category:Calendar dates. You can override this feature by specifying a named category argument.
  • It automatically generates a standard lead sentence for the article, except for the six standard holidays.
    • Example lead sentence: 15 Marpenoth, or the 15th of Leaffall, is the 289th day of the year in the Calendar of Harptos during a non-leap year or the 290th day of a leap year.




{{datepage|category=[[Category:Alternate category]]}}
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