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This template creates an infobox for a deity in the Forgotten Realms multiverse. There are two ways to use this template: for single-edition info and for multiple-edition info. The single-edition parameters are all the usual ones while the multiple-edition parameters end in 5e, 4e, 3e etc. corresponding to the edition the info comes from. As a general rule, if you use any multiple-edition parameters then you should not use any single-edition ones. If you use the multiple-edition parameters, then that section of the infobox will use a tabbed interface to present each edition in its own tab. All parameters are optional except the name. See the Usage notes for more details.


See right for an example of a single-edition infobox. This was created using:

| image             = Mystryl_symbol.svg
| caption           = A Holy Symbol of Mystryl
| name              = Mystryl
| title             = The Lady of Mysteries, the Muse, the Mother of All Magic, Our Lady of Spells, the Hidden 
One<ref name="N:EoM-p49">{{Cite book/Netheril: Empire of Magic/The Winds of Netheril|49}}</ref>
| symbol            = A single blue-white star<ref name="N:EoM-p49" />
| power             = [[Dead power]]<ref name="N:EoM-p12">{{Cite book/Netheril: Empire of Magic/The Winds of 
Netheril|12}}</ref><ref name="C:EoE-35">{{Cite book/Cormanthyr: Empire of the Elves|35}}</ref>
<br /><small>'''Formerly:'''</small> [[Greater deity]]<ref name="N:EoM-p49" />
| alignment         = [[Chaotic Neutral]]<ref name="N:EoM-p49" />
| died              = [[-339 DR|Year of Sundered Webs, -339 DR]]<ref name="N:EoM-p12" /><ref name="C:EoE-35" />
| dominion          = [[Limbo]]<ref name="N:EoM-p49" />
| realm             = Dweomertor<ref name="N:EoM-p49" />
| portfolio         = Magic, spells, the [[weave]], wizards, spellcasters, energy, creativity, knowledge, 
invention, song, time, spring<ref name="N:EoM-p49" />
| worshipers        = [[Wizard]]s, [[bard]]s, and any type of [[arcanist]]<ref name="N:EoM-p49" />
| cleric alignments = {{alignment grid|on|on|on|on|on|on|on|on|on}}
| rules             = 2nd
| church            = yes
| temples           = 
Here is an example of a multi-edition infobox. This was created using:
| image             = Ilmater.jpg
| caption           = An avatar of Ilmater, the Broken God.
| name              = Ilmater
| title             = The Crying God<ref name="FRA-p21"/><ref name="FaA-p75"/><ref name="FaP-p30"/><br />The Broken
 God<ref name="FaA-p75"/><ref name="FaP-p30"/><br/>The Lord on the Rack<ref name="FaA-p75"/><br/>The One Who
 Endures<ref name="FaA-p75"/>
| aspects           = Ayuruk<ref name="FaA-p75"/>
| pantheon          = [[Faerûnian pantheon]]<ref name="FaP-p30"/>
| power2e           = [[Lesser deity]]
| symbol2e          = A blood-stained rack or a pair of white human hand bound with red cord at the wrists
| alignment2e       = [[Lawful Good]]
| homeplane2e       = [[Twin Paradises]]
| realm2e           = Shurrock, [[Martyrdom]]<ref name="OHG-181">{{Cite book/On Hallowed Ground|181}}</ref>
| serves2e          = [[Tyr]]
| portfolio2e       = Endurance, suffering, martyrdom, perseverance
| spheres2e         = [[All sphere|All]], [[Charm sphere|Charm]], [[Creation sphere|Creation]], [[Guardian sphere|Guardian]],
[[Healing sphere|Healing]], [[Law sphere|Law]], [[Necromantic sphere|Necromantic]], [[Protection sphere|Protection]],
[[Travelers sphere|Travelers]], <small>'''minor:'''</small> [[Combat sphere|Combat]], [[Elemental sphere|Elemental]],
[[Summoning sphere|Summoning]], [[Sun sphere|Sun]], [[Wards sphere|Wards]], [[Weather sphere|Weather]]
| worshipers2e      = The sick, the suffering, the poor
| cleric alignments2e = {{alignment grid|on|on|on|on|off|off|off|off|off}}
| class2e           = {{class table|[[Cleric]]|32|[[Monk]]|35|[[Paladin]]|20|[[Wizard]]|18}}
| refs2e            = <ref name="CotR-11">{{Cite book/Forgotten Realms Campaign Set/Cyclopedia of the Realms|11}}</ref>
<ref name="FRA-p21">{{Cite book/Forgotten Realms Adventures|21}}</ref><ref name="FaA-p75">{{Cite book/Faiths and Avatars|75}}</ref>
| power3e           = [[Intermediate deity]]
| alignment3e       = [[Lawful good]]
| symbol3e          = A pair of white hands bound with red cord at the wrists
| homeplane3e       = [[House of the Triad]]
| portfolio3e       = Endurance, martyrdom, perseverance, suffering
| domains3e         = [[Good domain|Good]], [[Healing domain|Healing]], [[Law domain|Law]], 
[[Strength domain|Strength]], [[Suffering domain|Suffering]]
| worshipers3e      = The lame, the oppressed, the poor, [[monk]]s, [[paladin]]s, serfs, slaves
| cleric alignments3e = {{alignment grid|on|on|off|on|off|off|off|off|off}}
| favored weapon3e    = An open hand (unarmed strike)
| class3e           = {{class table|edition=3e|[[Monk]]|20|[[Paladin]]|20}}
| refs3e            = <ref name="FaP-p30">{{Cite book/Faiths and Pantheons|30}}</ref>
<ref name="FRCS3e-p242">{{Cite book/Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3rd edition|242}}</ref><ref name="FaA-p75"/>
| church            = yes
| temples           = yes



| image               = 
| caption             = 
| name                = 
| title               = 
| aspects             = 
| status              = 
| primordial          = 
| pantheon            = 
| home                = 
| formerhomes         = 
| minions             = 
| gender              = 
| died                = 
| basicrefs           = 
| mortalrace          = 
| mortalsex           = 
| mortalhomes         = 
| apotheosis          = 
| mortalrefs          = 
| power5e             = 
| alignment5e         = 
| symbol5e            = 
| homeplane5e         = 
| realm5e             = 
| serves5e            = 
| servedby5e          = 
| portfolio5e         = 
| domains5e           = 
| worshipers5e        = 
| cleric alignments5e = 
| channel divinity5e  = 
| holy days5e         = 
| challenge5e         = 
| class5e             = 
| refs5e              = 
| power4e             = 
| alignment4e         = 
| symbol4e            = 
| dominion4e          = 
| realm4e             = 
| serves4e            = 
| servedby4e          = 
| sphere4e            = 
| domains4e           = 
| worshipers4e        = 
| cleric alignments4e = 
| channel divinity4e  = 
| holy days4e         = 
| class4e             = 
| refs4e              = 
| power3e             = 
| alignment3e         = 
| symbol3e            = 
| homeplane3e         = 
| realm3e             = 
| serves3e            = 
| servedby3e          = 
| portfolio3e         = 
| domains3e           = 
| worshipers3e        = 
| cleric alignments3e = 
| favored weapon3e    = 
| holy days3e         = 
| challenge3e         = 
| class3e             = 
| refs3e              = 
| power2e             = 
| alignment2e         = 
| symbol2e            = 
| homeplane2e         = 
| realm2e             = 
| serves2e            = 
| servedby2e          = 
| portfolio2e         = 
| spheres2e           = 
| worshipers2e        = 
| cleric alignments2e = 
| holy days2e         = 
| class2e             = 
| refs2e              = 
| power1e             = 
| alignment1e         = 
| symbol1e            = 
| homeplane1e         = 
| realm1e             = 
| serves1e            = 
| servedby1e          = 
| portfolio1e         = 
| worshipers1e        = 
| cleric alignments1e = 
| holy days1e         = 
| class1e             = 
| refs1e              = 
| animals             = 
| plants              = 
| monsters            = 
| minerals            = 
| colors              = 
| misc manifestations = 
| manifestation refs  = 
| usethe              = 
| church              = 
| temples             = 

General Parameters

These may be used for any deity from any edition.

Optional. An image associated with the deity. Just specify the file name without any [[File:]] or [[Image:]] tags. For backward compatibility they will still work, but are unnecessary.
Optional. A brief description of the image. This field will be italicized for you.
Optional. (not shown above) Used to put a caption beneath a tabbed gallery of pics.
Required. The deity's name.
Optional. Any titles the deity holds.
Optional. Same as title. Specify only one or the other, not both. You can use a comma-separated list, but if you add citations it might look better to use <br /> tags.
Optional. Deities believed to be separate entities but later stated to actually be this deity, or aliases of this deity.
Optional. If this being was declared a primordial (introduced in 4th edition), put "yes" here. This will generate an additional category.
Optional. Any pantheons this deity is a member of (Faerûnian pantheon, the Morndinsamman, etc.).
Optional. The most common gender used for this deity: Masculine, Feminine, or Neuter.
Optional. The year the deity died. Please link to a page from the Roll of Years or one of the Year of... names.
Optional. Used to put <ref> tags in the subtitle rather than have them clutter up the infobox.
Optional. The race of the deity, if it ever was a mortal, if known. Also use for the race of an immortal creature pre-apotheosis.
Optional. The biological sex of the deity, if it ever was a mortal. Also use for the sex of an immortal creature pre-apotheosis. (Although many immortal creatures do not have a sex, only a gender. It is probably best to leave this blank, unless you know of this deity to have fathered or mothered children before becoming a god or goddess.)
Optional. Places where the mortal lived, before apotheosis. Also use for the home of an immortal creature pre-apotheosis.
Optional. If the deity is known to have been a mortal before rising to divinity, include the year this occurred. Also use for immortal creatures pre-apotheosis.
Optional. Used to put <ref> tags in the subtitle rather than have them clutter up the infobox.
Optional. Any animals sacred to this deity.
Optional. Any plants sacred to this deity.
Optional. Typical monsters sent to assist this deity's faithful.
Optional. Gems and precious metals sacred to this deity.
Optional. Colors used by this deity in minor manifestations.
misc manifestations 
Optional. Visions or solid manifestations often used by this deity.
manifestation refs 
Optional. This parameter is used to put <ref> tags in the "Manifestations" subtitle rather than have them clutter up the infobox. It applies to animals, plants, monsters, minerals, colors, and misc manifestations.
Optional. To add a link to the "Church of {deity name}" at the bottom of the infobox, set this to any value, typically yes.
Optional. To add a link to the category "Temples to {deity name}" at the bottom of the infobox, set this to any value, typically yes.
Optional. To insert the word "the" in the link ("Church of the {deity name}") set this to any value, typically yes.
Optional. (not shown above) Normally, using this template will place the page in Category:Deities. If set to true, this will suppress the category. This is typically used only on documentation pages like this one.

Single-Edition Parameters

Use these only if ALL your info is from one particular edition of D&D.

Optional. A brief description of the deity's (un)holy symbol.
Optional. Valid values include Dead power, Exarch, Demipower, Lesser deity, Intermediate deity, and Greater deity.
Optional. The latest condition of a Primordial. For example, "Free", "Dead", "Bound", etc.
Optional. Where the deity dwells on the Material Plane, if they choose to do so. Please link to a map or location article, if possible.
Optional. Where the deity has previously dwelt on the Material Plane.
Optional. Any deities to whom this deity is subservient.
Optional. Any deities subservient to this one.
deprecated Optional. Any deities subservient to this one. This is here for backward compatibility only.
Optional. The deity's home plane.
Optional. The plane(s) on which the deity has previously dwelt.
Optional. The name of the deity's divine realm on the planes.
Optional. The area of interest that the deity has influence over or embodies. This is a 4th edition descriptor, usually a one-word description or summary of the deity's portfolio. See Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide 4.0, page 80, for example. This is called sphere for backward compatibility—this is not to be confused with 2nd edition spheres.
Optional. Things, topics, ideas, or emotions which the deity has power over, is worshiped for, or is concerned about. This is a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 5th edition descriptor, usually a short list. For example, Sune's portfolio was "Beauty, love, passion". First edition in particular described deities as God or Goddess of something so just enter those somethings.
Optional. The domains the deity has power over. This is the 3rd and 4th edition version of spheres. Spells with a similar theme or characteristic were grouped together in domains which reflected the deity's portfolio, alignment, or purview. Priests could pick two of them. Please link to the appropriate domain pages, if applicable.
Optional. The spheres of spells the deity granted to their specialty priests. These are similar to domains but are for 2nd edition. Specialty priests received either major or minor access to each of these groups of spells. Please link to the appropriate sphere pages, if applicable. (First edition did not have spheres or domains.)
Optional. The races, classes, occupations, or groups that worship this deity.
cleric alignments 
Optional. The typical alignments of those who worship this deity. Use the {{alignment grid}} template for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 5th edition info; for 4e, just list the alignments.
favored weapon 
Optional. The deity's favored weapon, followed by the conventional weapon type that this deity's priests tend to favor, in parentheses. A deity's weapon will usually have a unique name (please put it in quotes to so indicate) or be an object that somehow represents the deity's sensibilities. For example, Helm's entry would be "Ever Watchful" (bastard sword); Chauntea's would be: A shock of grain (scythe). Third edition introduced this concept, but it doesn't seem to have been carried over into 4th edition.
holy days 
Optional. Any holy days celebrated by the church of this deity.
channel divinity 
Optional. The unique spell granted solely by this deity (introduced in 4th edition).
Optional. The deity's alignment. Do not use {{alignment grid}} for this.
Optional. The classes given for the deity or their avatar. If possible, use the {{class table}} template.
deprecated Optional. (not shown above) If ALL the information in the box comes from one source, you may link it here, but individual citations are preferred. If there are multiple sources, please use in-text citations. This parameter is only here for backward compatibility.
Optional. If ALL the information in the box comes from one edition of D&D, then put one of "1st", "2nd", "3rd", "4th", or "5th" here. (3.5 edition is considered 3rd for this template).

Edition-Specific Parameters

Use these if you have information from more than one edition of D&D. Editions are "1e", "2e", "3e", "4e", and "5e" and each of these parameter names ends with the edition to which it belongs. Note that 3.5 edition is considered 3rd edition (3e) for this template. Specifying any edition-specific parameter will generate an tabbed interface section of the infobox. If you use any of these, please do not use the single-edition parameters above.

power1e, power2e, power3e, power4e, power5e 
Optional. Valid values include Dead power, Exarch, Demipower, Lesser deity, Intermediate deity, and Greater deity. The value of the latest edition parameter will appear just below the deity's name near the top of the infobox.
alignment1e, alignment2e, alignment3e, alignment4e, alignment5e 
Optional. The deity's alignment in this edition of D&D. Note that the alignment system was changed in 4th edition. Do not use the {{alignment grid}} for this, just link the alignment.
symbol1e, symbol2e, symbol3e, symbol4e, symbol5e 
Optional. A brief description of the deity's (un)holy symbol as given in this edition.
homeplane1e, homeplane2e, homeplane3e, homeplane5e 
Optional. The name(s) of the plane(s) of existence where this deity dwelt or frequented. If the deity favored a particular layer of a plane, please list that too. Note that the Great Wheel cosmology model applied to 1st, 2nd, and 5th edition, and the World Tree cosmology was used in 3rd edition.
Optional. "Home plane" became known as "dominion" in 4th edition. The World Axis cosmology was introduced in 4th edition.
realm1e, realm2e, realm3e, realm4e, realm5e 
Optional. The name of this deity's realm, city, castle, cave, mountain, palace, ocean, hacienda, geographical region, etc., if known.
serves1e, serves2e, serves3e, serves4e, serves5e 
Optional. Any deities to whom this deity was subservient in this edition.
servedby1e, servedby2e, servedby3e, servedby4e, servedby5e 
Optional. Any deities that were subservient to this one in this edition.
portfolio1e, portfolio2e, portfolio3e, portfolio5e 
Optional. See portfolio above.
Optional. See sphere above. Not to be confused with spheres.
Optional. The 2nd edition priest spell spheres to which this deity granted either major or minor access to specialty priests.
domains3e, domains4e, domains5e 
Optional. See domains above. Spheres became domains in 3rd edition and a cleric class could pick two of their deity's domains. Domains were introduced to 4th edition in the July 2009 publication Divine Power.
worshipers1e, worshipers2e, worshipers3e, worshipers4e, worshipers5e 
Optional. The races, classes, or occupations that worshiped or revered this deity in this edition.
cleric alignments1e, cleric alignments2e, cleric alignments3e, cleric alignments5e 
Optional. The typical alignments of those who worshiped this deity. Please use the {{alignment grid}}.
cleric alignments4e 
Optional. List the alignment(s). Note the alignment system was simplified in 4th edition, so do not use the alignment grid.
favored weapon3e 
Optional. See favored weapon above. This seems to be a 3rd edition characteristic.
channel divinity4e, channel divinity5e 
Optional. The unique spell granted solely by this deity (4th edition). For 5th edition this might be a short list of links separated by <br /> tags.
holy days1e, holy days2e, holy days3e, holy days4e, holy days5e 
Optional. Any holy days celebrated by the church of this deity in this edition.
challenge3e, challenge5e 
Optional. The challenge rating of the deity's avatar.
class1e, class2e, class3e, class4e, class5e 
Optional. The class(es) of the deity's avatar. Please use a {{class table}} but do not specify the edition parameter or it will put this deity in all the class categories.
refs1e, refs2e, refs3e, refs4e, refs5e 
Optional. These parameters are used to put <ref> tags in the subtitle rather than have them clutter up a class table or show up at odd places in the infobox. You may specify one or more citations like this:
Example: refs3e = <ref name="foo" /><ref name="bar">{Cite book/Bar|6}}</ref>...

Standardized Sections

These are the typical section headers for an article about a deity, as discussed in this forum thread. You can easily cut and paste it from here and delete the ones you don't use:

==Divine Realm==
==Rumors & Legends==
===See Also===
===External Links===
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