The DidYouKnow template is for showing trivia from newly created articles in the "Realmslore" section of the Main Page. It also displays trivia from a past (randomly selected) year. Here are the current year's trivia with links to past years. Trivia entries are not automatically or randomly updated, but purely manually operated. A user must add and move information by hand on a regular basis.

The section was originally known as Did You Know..., hence the current template names, but it has since been revised to Realmslore.

Please follow these guidelines when adding new trivia:

  1. Pick the trivia from a recently created or majorly developed in-universe article. This article should be well written and properly cited, not copied from a source, and demonstrate good wiki style. Try to tell something interesting or intriguing if possible, but don't pick major spoilers. Try to pick a wide variety of topics from a number of users, rather than from a recent batch on the same topic from the same editor.
  2. Phrase the trivia as a statement, preferably with the topic near the beginning of the sentence. Bold the link the subject article, and leave other links unbolded.
  3. Try to get an article from every user with an account who was active in the last week, and have no less than five entries.
  4. Update the trivia list before 0:00 GMT on Monday morning, when the list updates to the next week.
  5. Update the trivia list once a week until there are 53 sections in Template:DidYouKnow/current (every 5 or 6 years we get a year with 53 weeks in it. See ISO week date).
  6. When a new year rolls around, copy the contents of Template:DidYouKnow/current to Template:DidYouKnow/archive/YYYY where YYYY is the previous year (See Template:DidYouKnow/archive/2013 for an example) and then clear out the "current" page and add the first trivia of the new year. The YYYY page will now be a candidate for random selection. Don't forget to add a link to the YYYY page on Template:DidYouKnow/archive, and ensure that the older entries are also present.

The current trivia are:


And, from the archives:

Old entries are kept at Template:DidYouKnow/archive.

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