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This template is for use in any article about an issue of Dragon magazine. All parameters are optional except for the issue number which must be specified as an integer. The publisher will be determined automatically from the issue number unless it is overridden by specifying a value for publisher. Please give the month(s) and year of publication, if known.


{{Dragon magazine
| image        = 
| caption      = 
| issue        = 
| volume       = 
| publisher    = 
| editor       = 
| cover_artist = 
| edition      = 
| month        = 
| year         = 
| previous     = 
| next         = 
| source       = 


Optional. Usually an image of the magazine's cover. Just specify the file name (e.g. Dragon_59.jpg). For backward compatibility, [[File:]] and [[Image:]] tags will still work.
Optional. A sentence to describe the image, if necessary. It will be rendered in italics.
Required. The issue number as an integer. Just put a number such as 59 or 134. Don't prefix this with the word "Issue" or anything else.
Optional. Volume and Number of issue. ex: Vol. XXI Number 3
Optional. Not shown above. You can leave this blank and it will computed from the issue number. Only use this if you have a good reason to override the default.
Optional. The name of the editor/editor-in-chief responsible for the magazine issue as a whole. You may link the name.
Optional. The name of the artist who drew the cover of the magazine. You may link the name.
Optional. The edition of D&D that this magazine issue supports. Please specify as a number only.
Optional. Not shown above. This will override the month and year field if for some reason you need something other than month/year. If you use this, please specify the year anyway for proper category generation.
Optional. The month(s) the issue was released (e.g. June or Jan/Feb).
Optional. The year the issue was released (e.g. 1998).
A link to the previous issue. Should be something like [[Dragon magazine 58|Dragon #58]]
Optional. A link to the next issue. Same format as above.
Optional. Either link to the appropriate web site or type "Digital copy" if your information comes from a PDF or type Physical copy if your information comes from your own paper copy.


This template will automatically place the page in the following categories:

  • Category:Dragon magazine issues sorted by the zero-padded issue number.
  • "Category:Published in YEAR" where YEAR is the value of year. If year is not specified, it will say "unknown year". Sorted by PAGENAME.
  • Category:Magazines. Sorted by PAGENAME.


This template is loosely based on the book template at Wikipedia.

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