In the Forgotten Realms, today is 7 Tarsakh.

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This template converts a Gregorian date to the equivalent date in the Calendar of Harptos.


Input can be in any format that #time: understands. See this for full documentation. If called with no arguments, it defaults to {{LOCALTIMESTAMP}}

{{FR date}} → 7 Tarsakh

You can pick a specific date in many formats, but use YYYY-MM-DD (ISO 8601) for the least ambiguity:

  • {{FR date|2014-02-05}} → 2014-02-05 → 5 Alturiak
  • {{FR date|10/11/12}} → 2012-10-11 → 10 Marpenoth
  • {{FR date|10-11-12}} → 2010-11-12 → 12 Uktar
  • {{FR date|10.11.12}} → 2020-04-07 → 7 Tarsakh (doesn't seem to work as expected)
  • {{FR date|16-Jan-2014}} → 2014-01-16 → 16 Hammer
  • {{FR date|April 15, 2014}} → 2014-04-15 → 14 Tarsakh
  • {{FR date|July 4th, 2014}} → 2014-07-04 → 3 Flamerule
  • {{FR date|Dec 21, 2014}} → 2014-12-21 → 20 Nightal
  • {{FR date|November 21}} → 2020-11-21 → 21 Uktar (defaults to current year)

The five seasonal festivals and Shieldmeet on leap years are presented as links to their wiki pages:

On leap years:

Relative dates are supported, but note that terms like "week", "month", and "Tuesday" apply to the Gregorian calendar and may not give you the results you expect:

  • A tenday from now would be {{FR date|now + 10 days}} → 17 Tarsakh
  • Next Tuesday, the FR date will be {{FR date|next Tuesday}} → 14 Tarsakh
  • Five days before Greengrass would be {{FR date|2014-05-02 - 5 days}} → 26 Tarsakh


  • The date is presented in the format day month with no punctuation, as described on page 155 of the Forgotten Realms Player's Guide. Special days are wiki links, e.g., [[Midwinter]].
  • Do not change this format because it may break things that depend on it (like the {{On this day}} template). Instead, use the {{Format FR date}} template to modify the output to your liking.
  • The timestamp is apparently UTC even for {{LOCALTIMESTAMP}} so the date changes at whatever your offset from Greenwich is. I have not found a way to get this to use a viewer's local time.
  • Valid values for the Gregorian year are 111 through 9999, if anyone cares.
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