Please call this template with a valid date from the Calendar of Harptos

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This template provides some different formatting options for presenting a Forgotten Realms date. It can be used in-line (no spaces or newlines are generated before or after the date string) and is meant to accept the output from {{FR date}}.


The template is called with at least one required argument, an FR date from the Calendar of Harptos. All other arguments are optional and can appear in any order (after the date). The arguments are not case sensitive but the order of the date tokens must be day month as output from the {{FR date}} template. Special holidays such as Feast of the Moon are assumed to be surrounded by square brackets ([[Feast of the Moon]]), also because of the FR date template.

This will change the order of the output, putting the month first and the day last.
This will put the word "of" between the day and the month. It has no effect if reverse is specified.
This will put the word "the" in front of the date. It has no effect if reverse is specified.
This will add the ordinal numeric suffix to the day (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.)
This will substitute the common name of the month or holiday in place of the calendar name. See the Calendar of Harptos.


  • {{Format FR date|{{FR date|2014-02-05}}}} → 5 Alturiak (No change from {{FR date}})
  • {{Format FR date|5 Alturiak|of}} → 5 of Alturiak
  • {{Format FR date|5 Alturiak|reverse}} → Alturiak 5
  • {{Format FR date|5 Alturiak|nth}} → 5th Alturiak
  • {{Format FR date|5 Alturiak|the}} → the 5 Alturiak
  • {{Format FR date|5 Alturiak|commonName}} → 5 the Claw of Winter
  • {{Format FR date|5 Alturiak|of|reverse}} → Alturiak 5 (of has no effect when reverse is specified)
  • {{Format FR date|5 Alturiak|the|reverse}} → Alturiak 5 (the has no effect when reverse is specified)
  • {{Format FR date|3 Ches|of|nth}} → 3rd of Ches
  • {{Format FR date|3 Ches|of|nth|the}} → the 3rd of Ches
  • {{Format FR date|11 Eleasis|of|commonName}} → 11 of Highsun
  • {{Format FR date|29 Uktar|reverse|nth}} → Uktar 29th
  • {{Format FR date|8 Kythorn|reverse|commonName}} → The Time of Flowers 8
  • {{Format FR date|16 Hammer|nth|commonName}} → 16th Deepwinter
  • {{Format FR date|22 Tarsakh|of|nth|commonName}} → 22nd of the Claw of Storms
  • {{Format FR date|21 Marpenoth|reverse|nth|commonName}} → Leaffall 21st
  • {{Format FR date|21 Marpenoth|commonName|reverse|nth}} → Leaffall 21st (order doesn't matter)
  • {{Format FR date|[[Midwinter]]|commonName|reverse|nth}} → Deadwinter Day (only commonName applies to major holidays)
  • {{Format FR date|[[Highharvestide]]|commonName}} → Highharvestide (some holidays do not have a common name)
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